The Grand Canyon is located in the USA, in the south-western state of Arizona. It is a steep-sided canyon carved by the Colorado River; it is 446 kilometers long, up to 29 kilometers in width and almost 2 kilometers in depth. The Grand Canyon is famous for its unusually great size and its peculiar yet visually stunning natural features. It is of vital importance from the point of geology because of the number of well-conserved ancient rocks that the many walls of the old canyon expose. The entire history of the North American continent can be explained from these rocks, giving geologists sufficient information about how the current state of the land came to be. It is truly an astounding place to visit, and the serenity of this place can be experienced by one by taking the Grand Canyon helicopter ride.


Tourist feelings while taking a helicopter tour

The tour of Grand Canyon from a helicopter gives the tourists a bird’s perspective of the canyon which is considered the best. An extravagant encounter to have, this tour is sure to leave the visitors wanting more. The Grand Canyon tour from a helicopter gets more than 500,000 people to visit this amazing place in Arizona every year, some of whom even come back to enjoy the brilliance of this natural marvel.

One aspect which is never compromised with is the safety of the people involved in the Grand Canyon tour from a helicopter. These helicopters are piloted by trained professionals who have been prepared to stay calm and focused in the most pressurizing situations. Visitors often get nauseous due to the immense height at which this place is situated, but it is nothing to worry about. Safeguards are taken in such a way that the experience is safe, secure as well as memorable.

Visitors have a variety of helicopters to choose from depending on their choices. The helicopter tour of Grand Canyon provides a lot of offers to people with different budgets without burning a hole in their pockets.

These helicopter rides begin from several places due to the vastness of the Grand Canyon. The most famous one is the Grand Canyon airport from the village in Tusayan outside the South Rim. Some other starting points include Las Vegas, Nevada, and Sedona, Arizona. The prices depend on factors such as the type of helicopter, time of the year and weather. Tours last for 20 minutes to half an hour.

Variety of helicopter the rides

Some of these helicopter rides begin at the South Rim, which is a famous place here. They start covering areas starting over the Kaibab National Forest and the visiting the widest and deepest parts of the South Rim. One receives a headset from which they hear the narration in the language of their choice, giving them information about the various amazing locations they see such as the Tower of Ra or the Dragon Corridor before reaching the helipad where this tour ends. Tourists who are looking for an amazing experience should visit the Grand Canyon.